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Empowering Communication Professionals with SkillReflect

As communication professionals, the mastery of our craft is an ongoing journey of growth and refinement. In a field where effective communication is the cornerstone of success, continuous development is not just desirable but essential. 

SkillReflect offers a tailored solution designed to elevate the skills of communication professionals, providing a comprehensive platform for recording, analyzing, and tracking development over time.

For individual users test

As communication professionals, we understand the power of real-time feedback and reflection in enhancing our practice. SkillReflect empowers us to review and analyze recordings of our communication interactions, aligning them with industry-standard competence frameworks  By tagging specific moments in our recordings, we can highlight and demonstrate our proficiency in key communication skills.

The Skills & Competence Dashboard provides an insightful overview of tagged material from multiple conversations, enabling us to identify patterns and areas for improvement. From this dashboard, we can create personalized Skills and Competence Development Plans, leveraging the expertise of peers, mentors, trainers, or supervisors for feedback and guidance.

  • Always for free
  • Extensive individual analysis
  • Extensive individual dashboard
for group users

For group users

Whether serving as mentors, supervisors, or team leaders, communication professionals can utilize SkillReflect to professionalize their teams and foster growth. Mentees and supervisees can record their communication sessions and upload them to a secure environment for analysis. With predefined skill sets, both mentors and mentees can collaboratively review recordings and identify opportunities for development. The use of tagged video fragments in mentorship and supervision sessions enhances the effectiveness and realism of feedback, leading to evidence-based growth.

  • Invite peers and trainers
  • Group conversations
  • Share videos and good practices

For education institutes

Educational institutions dedicated to cultivating communication skills can leverage SkillReflect to streamline feedback processes and enhance student development. By incorporating video content and competency-based assessments, educators can provide targeted feedback and evidence-based competence development. SkillReflect serves as an invaluable tool for analyzing, developing, and proving various skill sets, making it ideal for practical-oriented courses where students must demonstrate proficiency in communication skills.

  • Invite teachers and students
  • Custom competence sets
  • Live recordings and live feedback
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SkillReflect is more than just a platform; it's a catalyst for growth and excellence in the field of communication. By harnessing the power of technology and collaboration, communication professionals can elevate their practice, inspire their teams, and transform the educational landscape.

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