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Enhancing Coaching with SkillReflect.

It is important for professional coaches to continuously develop their coaching skills, as many of the ethical standards and competence frameworks of the Nobco/EMCC and ICF indicate. 

With SkillReflect you can record your sessions, analyze them against a range of coaching competencies, and track your development over time.

For individual users

As a professional coach, you constantly improve your coaching skills. One of the most powerful methods of improving these skills is reviewing a real recording of a coaching conversation. SkillReflect helps you review and analyze your recordings based on ICF and Nobco/EMCC Competence Sets. Based on those, you can tag moments in your real-time video recording to demonstrate specific skills.

The Skills & Competence Dashboard will show an overview of tagged material from one or more conversations. From the dashboard, you can create a Skills and Competence Development Plan. You can invite another coach (peer), mentor, trainer or supervisor to review/analyze your recorded material and provide feedup, feedback and feed forward.

  • Always for free
  • Extensive individual analysis
  • Extensive individual dashboard
for group users

For group users

Are you a mentor or supervisor and are you working based on a certain predefined knowledge and competence set? Do you want to base your feedback on real video material instead of describing moments? Do you want your mentees/supervisees to tag real video moments from a full skillrecording?

Use SkillReflect to professionalise your mentees and supervisees. Your mentees and supervisees record their sessions and upload these recordings in a secure environment. Based on a predefined skill set, both you and your mentee/supervisee can analyse the recording. The tagged video fragments can be used in your mentor and supervision sessions. This results in a more realistic, evidence based development.

  • Invite peers and trainers
  • Group conversations
  • Share videos and good practices

For education institutes

Are you spending lot’s of time giving feedback to students? Do you use video content to provide video feedback to increase student skills? Do you spend a lot of time describing effective and non-effective moments? Are your courses based on competence sets and do you want to provide evidence based competence development?  

In many educational organisations, many courses are practical oriënted. Students must prove the ability to execute certain skillsets. At SkillReflect we developed an online tool which can easily help in analyzing, developing and proving several skillsets. If you can record your skill on video, you can use SkillReflect!

  • Invite teachers and students
  • Custom competence sets
  • Live recordings and live feedback